Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reading Other Voices

Books I recently finished:

Borg – The Heart of Christianity
Spong – Why Christianity Must Change or Die
Dawkins – The God Delusion
Ehrman – Misquoting Jesus
Dani Shapiro - Devotion

I also just finished the Thich Nhat Hanh book (The Energy of Prayer), which took me back to where I started all this - the Eckhart Tolle kind of thinking. (I noticed Dani Shapiro's latest blog post mentions Tolle.)

I feel like all this reading of various voices is so good for me. I emerged from Dawkins having learned a lot but the epiphany for me was realizing I'm able to say no to the parts that don't ring true for me. In all this exploration, I'm finally learning to trust my inner knowing, listening to when my spirit says yes, when it says no, and when it says, I don't know - tell me more. That's the gift in this journey, I think.

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